Surfing in Autumn in Australia

Usually, when someone tells us summer is over, we immediately think of cold weather; shorter days; and a move away from outdoor activities…   Well, if this all rings true to you, think again!

Our Australian summer supposedly ends on the first day of March, and today we’re almost mid-way through Autumn (writing this on 9th April 2018).
It is 31°C here at surf camp, and its only 9am in the morning…

Agreed, it’s an unusually warm day today for this time of year, but the average temperature in Sydney in April is 23°C which is more than comfortable for a day at the beach, or better still – out in the surf!


So Why is Autumn the best season for surfers?

If you mention autumn to any seasoned Australian surfer, there are going to be 5 things that immediately jump to mind:


  1. Consistent Swell
    The surf pumps more than any other time of year!  Summer has plenty of hots days, and the water is always balmy…but it is still an empty playground to a surfer if there is no surf.  Autumn means consistent swells almost every day, with clean lines rolling into the beach from the moment the sun rises over the ocean, to when it sets behind our majestic escarpment.

    Autumn Swell Lines

    Autumn Swells Lines rolling into the beach

  2. Warm Waters
    Did you know that the ocean is warmest along our east coast in Autumn?  The summer sun has been baking our waters all summer, and now in autumn you are reaping the benefits of the previous season.
    Right now, at our beaches just south of Sydney, the water temperature is 25°C!!  This is actually warmer than the average air temperature!

    Autumn Sunset - Australian Surf Tours

    Australian Surf Tour guests enjoying an afternoon surf session – April 2018, 2:00pm – 30°C

  3. Offshore winds
    As you will soon work out, offshore wind is what it is all about!  And this is exactly what you get in Autumn.
    Gone are the summer onshore winds that start blowing at 10:00am and ruin the surf for another day.  Autumn is renowned in Australia for the start of the offshore season.  Light winds that blow out to see all day, holding up the surf; keeping it clean and super fun, and encouraging every surfer to take the day off work, and spend it at the beach!

    Offshore winds in Autumn

    Local Wildlife often check the surf here as well!

  4. Longer nights & Cooler Mornings
    Perfect for a good night’s sleep, before getting up in the morning and hitting the surf.  Sure, it gets dark a little earlier in Autumn, but its still light until about 7:00pm, which give you all day to score some great waves.
    What’s even better, is the cool mornings.  You’re going to wake up fully refreshed and ready to get wet!  As we say at Australian Surf Tours – there’s no better way to start your day, than a splash in the ocean with a surfboard!

    Autumn surf crowds

    Crowds in the Surf thin out in Autumn

  5. Less crowds
    Finally…the crowds thin out!  Maybe a little like you, many people still believe that summer is over and it’s time to hibernate the surfboard in the garage roof until December comes around again.  As a result, there are much fewer people in the surf!  Just the way we like it.  No one likes fighting the crowds of surfers you get at iconic locations such as Bondi and the Gold Coast…well we can promise you perfection and uncrowded waves – Autumn waves!

Autumn Surfing in Australia

In summary – Autumn is here, the surf is great…all day long, the water is REALLY warm, and there are fewer people in the surf and at the beach!

It really is the best time to get out of Sydney and experience surfing!  We have the perfect experience for you, from a 1-day surf tour to a full 12-week surf camp!

Beginner or experienced surfer, we have something great for everyone.  These Autumn swells will provide plenty of opportunities for improving your surfing technique or developing your skills quickly.

Escape the city and visit us in paradise this Autumn!  We guarantee you will have the time of your life!

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