Traveling in Australia – best tips to guide you

You woke up one day and made the greatest decision ever ! You have decided to come to this faraway land. Whether you want to travel and surf your way around or explore Australia in a different way, there are some things to keep in mind… And we are more than happy to give you a heads up to help you start the journey of your lifetime !

It is one BIG island

Australia is huge! So big that the whole of Europe fits into this enormous island, easily. That is why most of the population decided to live around the coastline, which still covers a total of 30.000 km! So you might have to restrict your travels and start off by exploring the East Coast first. The East Coast of Australia is probably one of the most popular routes in Australia (if not in the world) – and for a good reason. The East Coast stretches out from the tip of Cape York (Australia’s most northern point) all the way down to Wilsons Promontory (Australia’s most southern point). Meaning you can discover and experience pretty much everything Australia has to offer in roughly 4.000 km. Not only can you visit the great, cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne, but you can also surf some of the best waves, camp in the bush, get up close and personal with Dory and Nemo and do night walks in the rainforest.

When to travel

Due to its size, Australia experiences different types of weather. Of course it is true when they say it is warm (not to say hot) and sunny. The sun is always shining somewhere, but to actually enjoy it, you should plan your trip by following the sun. In fact, you could draw a line across Australia and make a difference between the Northern part and the Southern part of Australia, both with their own seasons. The tropical North has a wet and a dry season, whereas the whole “South” of Australia is actually familiar with the four famous seasons. And believe us when we say it can get pretty cold in winter time. So if you are planning to travel the East Coast, please think about the time of year. If you start your trip in winter (June-August), then you will do yourself a great favour by starting off in Tropical North (Cairns e.g.) and cruise your way down. Whereas in summer time either Sydney or Melbourne are great places to start!

Best way to travel

By car or campervan

If you want to see the “real” Australia, you have to hit the road. A road trip is not only an awesome way to travel, it actually gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to go. At your own pace. The “Aussies” know that too, so there are heaps of options to get yourself a nice ride. You could either hire a car or campervan or buy one yourself. When you are planning to travel less than 3 months, a rental is definitely the cheapest and easiest option. Luckily there are loads of different rental companies in Australia, so just make sure you compare one to another and get yourself the best deal!

By bus

Although a road trip sounds great, driving might not always be an option. Well don’t you worry, there are other options too! One of them is the Greyhound. It is cheap, flexible and super easy. The big plus about traveling by bus is that they stop pretty much everywhere along the East Coast, so you don’t really have to plan your route. Just sit down, relax, watch a movie (yes they have WiFi on board) and just hop on/hop off whenever you want. 

Group tours

It can be a bit scary to travel on your own, so a good way to get to know people and explore Australia together, is to go on a group tour. Either for a day or for the whole trip. There are plenty, epic tours such as Australian Surf Tours that include the East Coast highlights! To get yourself the best tour, just jump online or visit one of the many travel agencies.

Where to stay

Unfortunately, it is true when they say Australia is expensive, but that does not mean you have to be rich to travel around Australia. There are ways to make “the journey of your life” more affordable.


When driving around in your “home away from home”, you have some good options to either sleep for free or sleep at a low cost camping site. But before you get excited and camp up at the beach to watch the sunset, you have to know you are not allowed to sleep everywhere. One of the best ways to find your next place to sleep and to see if it is for free, is to have a look in Camps Australia Wide or to check the Wiki Camps app. What are you waiting for?! Just chuck a mattress in the back, get your camping gear ready and GO!


Who said hostels are horrible and gross?! True, they can be… But if you know where to look, you will find some hidden gems! Not to say that hostels are the best places if you want to meet other backpackers, look for jobs or plan your trip. For a night in a dorm you will usually pay between AU$ 28- AU$50. 


If you are dying to meet some local Aussies, then you have to try couchsurfing! The only thing you have to do is to cook a nice dinner and leave an online review, in return for a couch, swag or bed. It can not get any cheaper, can it?

Next stop?

It will only take a day to know traveling is addictive. Thank gawd, Australia is that big, so you can just keep on traveling! Whether you want to go to explore the wilderness in Western Australia, get lost in the Red Centre, make a great selfie at Uluru or feed some crocs up in Darwin. Just go for it! It is why Australia might be one of the best countries in the world anyway!

Have an awesome trip guys and don’t forget to keep us posted!


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1-5 April 2021